What is Cloud?

What is Cloud?

Cloud Myths

Some of the major reasons many companies move to cloud technology is discussed below in broad outlines:

1.Global Scale

Internal IT infrastructure is both expensive to procure and to maintain in terms of electricity, keeping staff sufficiently trained and these costs can add up fast.

2. Speed

On site IT infrastructure cannot scale up as effortlessly as hosted solutions and this may cause speed issues when businesses grow. Because cloud service providers have a constant growth plan in motion they will be able to scale up rapidly and can manage demand with a much more elastic approach while ensuring speed is up to standard.

3.Global Scale

Data centres are connected globally and the connection between these nodes are done with high speed fibre broadband connections and several redundancies. Having your data in different geographical locations also makes sense from a compliance perspective.


Setting up new servers can take weeks in terms of planning, procuring, shipping and setup. Cloud solutions Providers have extra servers on hand and you can normally set up a new server within a few clicks.


Due to the competitive nature of the business and the speed of technological evolution, cloud solution providers want to ensure they have the easiest, most effective and highest up time. They regularly upgrade old systems which will cost far more when done in house.


Cloud servers have multiple redundancies in place they are covered for the unplanned. In addition to that, server hardware are normally built using server grade hardware as opposed to consumer grade hardware which is sometimes used to curb costs with in house solutions.