A guide to ERP software selection

A guide to ERP software selection
14 February 2018 – Chris van der Berg: About IT Managing Director

When deciding to invest in ERP software, it is important to ensure that the choice of ERP will ensure that it impacts the success and growth of your business positively. One of the toughest questions to answer is which ERP software system should you choose to use?

To answer this question takes an enormous amount of thought and effort to ensure that the decision is correct and that the ERP chosen will add the required value to your business.

At About IT we have assisted many clients over 15 years to answer this question and we have defined our guideline that will help detail the best way to select an ERP platform.

Our high-level guideline includes looking at the following to help clients make the decision of the correct ERP easier:

  • Business Introspection – why do you need an ERP system.
    • To improve efficiency
    • Facilitate current and future growth
    • Cut operating costs
  • Put together a research and selection team
    • Level of competency of the team
    • Team members should be able to express their thoughts
    • Excellent communicators
  • Evaluate your business requirements and potential resource constraints
    • Defining needs and wants
    • Determining systems requirements and constraints
  • Formulate vendor selection criteria based on your unique business needs
    • Pricing
    • Ease of implementation
    • Fit to scope of the business
    • Level of support
    • Track record
    • Ease of use
  • Identify vendors that will be able to provide the product and services
    • Tier level of vendors (Tier 1,2or3)
    • Implementation process
    • Vendor’s approach to training
    • After go live support ability
  • Evaluate compatible vendors to create a manageable shortlist
    • Reputation
    • Budget
    • Technologies & Functionality
  • Initiate communication with potential vendors
    • RFI’s
    • RFQ’s
  • Evaluate your potential vendors
    • Cloud ready
    • Scalability
    • Implementation time
    • How will the ERP support your business now and in the future?
    • Demo’s
  • Determine Return on Investment
    • Define ROI calculator
  • Select the right ERP – team evaluation

About IT Group provides ERP consulting, infrastructure consulting and digital transformation for small, medium and large organisations across South Africa. We help companies evaluate and select software, implement software and navigate company’s organisational changes to ensure that clients realize the full benefits of their ERP or digital transformation projects.

We also offer our clients IT strategy, business process reengineering, project management and cloud backup strategy service.

For more information please contact us to assist you in detail with the above process of selecting the correct ERP.