Meet our Data Science speaker

Meet our

Data Science Speaker!

We are counting down the days to our first EMIT event and we are very excited to announce the Data Science Speaker!

Francois Marais

Port Elizabeth - 17 July 2018 Pretoria - 19 July 2018

Data Science Analyst 
About IT

Data Science

key Features that will be discussed

Although data management and analytics are not new concepts, the world has been revolutionised by new and innovative ways of approaching these ideas.  Join us for an enlightening presentation about Data Science and the new possibilities that it opens up for your business.

- Points that will be discussed -

Data Visualisation

Visualise all of your data on one interactive and easy to use dashboard; this can enable you to enhance your business decision making.

Data Analysis

Numbers are only numbers until you learn how to make sense of them; then they can open up worlds of knowledge.

Data Management

Managing data can be likened to organising groceries in a grocery store or keeping your home organised. The more the data becomes, the more you need to stay on top of it or things could go haywire.

Data Cleaning

Come learn about cleaning your data so that nothing can clutter up your view of your business.

Be sure not to miss the first EMIT in PE and PTA!

PE EMIT July 2018

17 July 2018 // 13h00-16h00 // The Club

PTA EMIT July 2018

19 July 2018 // 13h00-16h00 // Leriba Lodge