Sage has announced end of life on their
Version 12 Software.

What does this mean?
Your current version of Sage software, Version 12, will no longer be supported by Sage South Africa. This means that you will not be able to access support, receive updates, security fixes, tax and legislative updates.

What do you need to do?

As a Sage User we are offering you a 20% discount on the Accounting upgrade as well as a 10% discount on any Payroll software purchases until 31st March 2018.


5 reasons to upgrade any version of Pastel Partner to V.18.

1. Sage Pastel Intelligence

Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting gives business owners/financial managers/bookkeepers the confidence to make timely, more informed business decisions with accurate insights into your data. Intelligence Reporting is a reporting tool within Sage Pastel offering ready-to-use Microsoft® Excel® reports which can be run and used as is or edited to suit a customers business needs.

Intelligence Reporting is currently available at no extra charge to all Sage Pastel Partner Advantage and Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage customers.

2. Bank Manager

Pastel Bank Manager saves business owners and accountants time by eliminating the need to manual capture transactions from your bank statement. Download your electronic bank statement from your internet banking and convert the file into a simple csv file that you import, map the transactions to the correct ledger accounts i.e. teach the system to remember recurring transactions such as Rent, and the system automatically assigns them in future.

Pastel Bank Manager is currently available at no extra charge to all the Sage Pastel Partner Advantage and Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage customers

3. Sage Online Tools

In this day and age of fast paced internet based technology it is imperative that a business have a web presence. With Sage Online Tools we provide you with a website building tool to assist with marketing campaigns as well a fully integrated E-commerce platform that tracks live inventory prices and quantities from your Sage Pastel Partner Advantage or Sage Pastel Xpress Advantage.

4. Sage Backup*

Sage Backup integrates directly into Sage Pastel Partner: Version 18, enabling customers to schedule Cloud backups to Microsoft OneDrive, and configure notifications directly from the desktop.

  • Support for single and multi-file backups generated in Sage Pastel Partner: V18.
  • Schedule the time, day and frequency of backups.
  • Receive email notifications to confirm backups have completed.
  • See previous backups in Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Share backups with accountants and stakeholders directly from Microsoft One Drive.
  • Restore backups when you need them. Microsoft OneDrive is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

5. Sage Contact*

The Sage Contact add-on is accessed from Microsoft Outlook, providing specific “at-a-glance” information about a contact (customer or supplier) with no need to switch between different applications.

  • Integration of Sage Pastel Partner data directly within Microsoft Outlook. Providing a modern user experience for organising communication in a natural and fully integrated way.
  • View key information alongside email conversations. Work with data at a glance for faster decision making and the ability to identify new business opportunities. This data includes invoice and payment history, communication history, credit limit and contact information.
  • Contact synchronisation between Office 365 and the Sage Pastel Partner desktop. This allows customers to work from any location, and in any way they choose, with updates made available via desktop and Cloud.
  • On premise and online access to Microsoft Office 2016.
  • Multi-layer contacts. To help find the right business contact faster, with support for credit control activities.


Additional features available when upgrading to V.18.

  • Sage Intelligence (FREE)
  • Mobility
  • Schedule Invoicing
  • In Program Product Communication
  • User Access Report
  • User Notifications (Including Supervisor)
  • Live Chat
  • Forms Assistant
  • Favorites Option
  • Windows Theme Integration
  • Online Help
  • In Program E-Learning Purchases
  • POS with SQL
  • Sage Office 365 integration
  • Payroll integration to accounting
  • Enhanced search
  • Enlarged Time and Billing, Receipting and Manufacturing screens
  • In-app password reset
  • Sage Pay bank feeds

Combo special: Buy Payroll in combination with the upgrade to V.18 and get an
additional 10% discount on the Payroll side.


For a quote please contact Melanie (PE) on 0413650748 / or Jason (PTA) 0861460100 /

T’s & C’s: *Promotion is strictly for the End of Life EOL clients (V12 and older)