Sage Evolution – VAT Rate change guidelines

Sage Evolution guidelines on implementing a VAT Rate change

March 2018 – Version 1.0

Click here download the self-help guide on how to implement the VAT rate change in Sage Evolution.

The guidelines include:
1. Background

2. VAT utility

3.  Manually Updating the Tax Rate in Sage Evolution

3.1 Changing the Tax Rate
3.2 Already posted transactions
3.3 New Tax Type
3.4 Customer and Supplier records
3.5 Update prices
3.6 Update Additional Charges
3.7 Update Annuity Billing
3.8 Update Volume Discounts
3.9 Unprocessed documents
3.10 Batches (Cashbook, Journals), AR/AP Batches, Job Costing and Municipal Billing


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