Tech Talk – What is IaaS?


What is IAAS?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) refers to a cloud computing platform that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. This service essentially hosts both your data and applications on a highly secure and reliable cloud hosted server and then enables the user to log into it remotely and access the same interface from any location.


IAAS delivers IT infrastructure such as servers, storage, machines etc., in a virtual environment for the use of running software and more. It also offers dedicated and secure cloud hosted servers for an organization’s mission critical data.

IaaS explained
  1. Virtual Machine (VM) with storage, RAM and CPU in an About IT cloud hosted server.
  2. Multiple users can access the same VM and edit the same Data Basis (DB) simultaneously, reducing the time and effort spent consolidating and updating files and streamlining your work-flow.
  3. User access control – Level of user access can be controlled and customised and malicious attempts at accessing your data can be blocked.
  4. Scalability – adding extra storage space or dedicated RAM or CPU is quick, painless and infinite.
  5. Redundancy – DB’s can be replicated within VM’s to ensure no downtime in case something might go wrong
  6. Your IaaS solution can be backed-up automatically to another secure location to ensure the safety of you information.
  7. Security measures such as firewalls can be put into place according to your unique needs.
  8. Extra measures against Ransomware and Mallware can be put into place.

Cloud vs On-premise IT Infrastructure

  1. Safely backed-up data that has a lot less chance to be stolen, damaged or corrupted
  2. Preventative measures against malware, ransomware and other malicious attempts at accessing your information
  3. Shared and synchronised databases and software that can be accessed and edited by multiple users in different locations
  4. User access control
  5. Reduced cost of ownership – Because the infrastructure, such as servers, that you access is hosted in the cloud, there is no need to undertake the high cost of procuring and installing on-site servers

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