How to change your Sage Evolution VAT from 14% to 15%: Video & PDF

Video & PDF: How to change your VAT from

14% to 15% in SAGE Evolution by About IT


On the 21st of February 2018 – The 2018 Budget speech announced that the VAT is now levied at the standard rate of 15% on the supply of goods and services by registered vendors.

The tax rate will be 14% until 31 March 2018.

Click here download the self-help guide on how to implement the VAT rate change in Sage Evolution.

Click here download all About IT information relevant to the VAT increase.

About IT has also created a step-by-step video to assist Sage Evolution users to make the required VAT changes from 14% to 15%.

Please note the Following.

  1. When Using the Utility, it is important to notice that the utility overwrites the Current Tax Types and Updates the Tax Rate from 14% to 15%.Therefore it is vital that Administrators Create New Tax Types with the Tax Rate 14% for Back Dated Transactions.
  2. Once the New Tax Types have been created Please note that it is important that All Administrators are aware that if any back dated transactions occur,the Tax Types will need to be updated to the 14%. This may cause a problem in User Access permissions, as not all users will have access to change tax types depending on the User rights given by management.


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