IT Services & Support

In today’s fast and ever-changing IT environment, every company needs a savvy technology system to go beyond the demands of their business. About IT has both the technology and skills to keep your business running smoothly.
Network and Security

Network and Security

We provide an analysis and report on the vulnerability status of your network as well as your server, workstation, firewall or router.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Ensure that your organisation’s IT resources are agile enough to support emerging technologies and changes.


Products & Services

  1. Hardware
  2. Domain Hosting
  3. Internet Services
  4. Software Licences
  5. Cloud Server Hosting
  6. Cloud Backups & Retention
  7. Network Design & Installation
  8. Office 365 Exchange Mail Hosting
  9. Microsoft 365 Software & Services
  10. Service Provider Licence Agreements
  11. Information Workflow Analysis & Design
  12. Network Security, Anti-Virus, Malware, and Randsomware Protection & Prevention
IT Support

IT Support

Our service desk is happy to help with any query or support requirements that you might have.
  1. Remote support
  2. On-site support
  3. Network support
  4. Server maintenance and support
  5. Desktop and notebook support
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