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Sage Intacct is a powerful financial management platform that enhances your productivity and efficiency.

Streamline your close time by up to 79% and regain valuable time for your personal life.

What makes Sage Intacct different?

The cloud financial management platform offered by Sage Intacct provides comprehensive accounting capabilities that cater to various industries, all with the goal of accelerating your success.

Companies choose to collaborate with Sage’s Cloud ERP software for several reasons. The core financials of Sage Intacct automate essential processes, reduce reliance on spreadsheets, and offer enhanced visibility into real-time business performance. With the ability to customize workflows, screens, and preferences without the need for costly coding or scripting, you and your team can tailor the cloud financial system to suit your specific business needs. This all-encompassing solution boosts team productivity, facilitates quicker decision-making, and propels your business towards growth.


Why Growing Businesses Choose Sage Intacct


Future of Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting


Next Generation Financial Consolidations

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Key Benefits and Features

Sage Intacct integrates with existing tools and automates tedious processes to free your team.

  • Accounts payable and receivable: Streamline workflows and get paid faster.
  • Billing: Automate complex revenue and billing processes.
  • Cash management : Track multiple accounts with real-time visibility.
  • General ledger: Consolidate multiple entities, currencies, and geographies in minutes.
  • Order management: Automate and accelerate quote-to-cash cycles.
  • Purchasing: Achieve speed, accuracy, and visibility with structured transactions and approvals.

Dashboards and Reporting

Get insights in moments that inspire smarter business decisions.

  • Dimensional reporting and analytics: Gain instant visibility for real-time decision-making.
  • Collaborate from a single source of truth: Report on both financial and non-financial data together without resorting to spreadsheets.
  • Build new dashboards in minutes: Analyse business metrics on-demand.
  • Get the level of detail you need: Roll-up or drill down with a click.


The future starts right now.
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Achieve greater productivity and efficiency by accomplishing twice as much in half the time.

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