Evolution Anywhere

Work From Anywhere

Evolution Anywhere is an innovative software solution that enables you to effortlessly harness the complete capabilities of Sage 200 Evolution from anywhere, be it on-premise or in the cloud. With this Microsoft SQL server solution, Sage 200 Evolution workstations can seamlessly connect to a SQL server database through any internet connection. This remarkable feature allows for remote access and ensures a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

Sage 200 Evolution hosted Solution

  • Evolution Anywhere is simply installed on the SQL server and workstations running Sage 200 Evolution that is required to connect to the SQL database.
  • To ensure secure communication, SSL encryption is implemented to protect all data transmitted between the server, controller, and client.
  • Evolution Anywhere eliminates the limitations of having both a SQL database and application software confined to a single network.
  • The tool operates independently of terminal services, allowing all applications to be run directly on the local PC. This eliminates any complications related to remote printing, importing or exporting of data, as well as the need for RDP monitoring.
  • To effectively work in Sage 200 Evolution’s advanced operating environment, all you require is a connection to your SQL database via the internet. This enables you to effortlessly access and capture essential business data.

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